“My Friend the Whale” – Emotional Connectedness and Willingness to Behave Pro-Environmentally in Whale Watchers

“My Friend the Whale“ is the title of our exciting study in environmental psychology, conducted together with Dr. Jonas Rees of the University of Bielefeld (Germany) and onboard Láki Tours. As watching whales and dolphins can evoke strong positive emotions, we investigated the willingness to act on behalf of these animals in a protective manner after meeting them eye to eye. Between December 2015 and April 2016, we collected a total of 751 answers from passengers on their opinions and values concerning environmental protection and cetacean conservation. The study was presented by Dr. Rees at the IAPS24 (International Association People-Environment Study) in Lund, Sweden, in June 2016. You can find a first overview on the study here: Rees & Mrusczok, My Friend the Whale
During a trial run in summer 2015, 406 passengers were interviewed. We thank all Láki Tours crew members, DTW guides Alexa Kershaw and Cathy Harlow, and all participating passengers for their cooperation on the project both in summer and winter.

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