Our Sponsors, Supporters, and Cooperation Partners

Láki Tours Whale Watching

Thanks to the support of Gísli Ólafsson and Láki Tours, we are able to collect data onboard the Láki II, and we have done so continuously since January 2014. Apart from the data collection, also the adoption program, the ID catalogue, and the passenger survey would not have been possible without Láki Tours. Thank you, Láki Tours!

Whales of Iceland

Whales of Iceland has emerged as one of our strongest partners in education work. We have our own spot in this magnificent Reykjavík exhibition, where visitors can learn about the orcas and our conservation work, next to impressive life-size whale sculptures. Our special thanks to Marinó Muggur for making it happen!


Yakari-Travel is an awesome wildlife protection concept, where the commission for each travel sold is donated to support conservation projects for elephants, tigers, lions, orang-utans, orcas, and many more animals around the globe. We feel privileged to be their partner and receive their donations for orca protection in Iceland.

Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel

We are grateful to general manager Marc Eberhard and team for being so supportive of our conservation work and spreading the word to their guests and partners through various displays at the hotel. Best part? No whale meat has been sold in the hotel’s restaurant since autumn 2016 thanks to the cooperation. Terrific!


IceWhale, the Icelandic Whale Watching Association formed by Icelandic whale watching operators, has developed a general code of conduct for responsible whale watching. We will be working in cooperation with IceWhale to develop a species-specific code of conduct for killer whale watching in Iceland.