Our Mission

Orca Guardians is an independent conservation nonprofit dedicated to the protection of orcas in Iceland and their habitat through non-invasive research and education.

Our Purpose and Ethical Statement

Orca Guardians is the first Icelandic conservation nonprofit of its kind, dedicated to a single cetacean species, the killer whale (Orcinus orca).
Interdisciplinary research from a variety of fields (such as marine biology, marine conservation, zoology, fisheries, animal psychology, environmental psychology, tourism, international and European law) brings together international, national and local experts united in the effort of protecting Icelandic orcas. We strongly believe that conservation measures need to be implemented not only once a population is listed as “threatened” or “endangered”, but in a way to prevent dangers to the animals in the first place.
We use the precautionary approach, showing how much we can learn about orcas in Icelandic waters and their environment by solely engaging in non-invasive research. This includes the only orca ID project running all-year-round in Iceland and on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula (since 2014), which is based on land sightings and boat encounters, following a strict code of conduct for approach without disturbance. We value killer whales as individuals with unique character traits, and promote respectful and mindful encounters with them.
Orca Guardians is an Iceland-registered nonprofit organization and is not organized for the gain of any person or company.

Our Mission and Ethics
Our Mission and Ethics
Our Mission and Ethics