Orca Research Projects

We have spent a lot of time observing orcas both from land and from the boat during the last three years. To date, we have recorded over 300 killer whale encounters. This gives us the unique opportunity to study the behavior, social structure, feeding and travel patterns of these magnificent animals in a non-invasive way. We have witnessed several very exciting feeding events, and we are often surprised by new behavioral patterns we discover. In this section, we give information on publications on these topics, as they become available.

The Incidence of Bent Dorsal Fins in Free-Ranging Cetaceans: a Global Review

We are currently participating in a study on bending dorsal fins in the wild, led by Dr. Filipe Alves from CIIMAR-Madeira. Bending or bent dorsal fins are generally rarely observed in free-ranging populations of cetaceans. Therefore, this study reviews available information, and updates existing data with a compilation of 48 new records of bending or bent dorsal fins for different cetaceans worldwide. Furthermore, possible causes for bent dorsal fins are discussed. We have contributed data on the Icelandic orca population, particularly on two individuals with a bent dorsal fin, SN090 and SN135.

Orca Research