IceWhale (The Icelandic Whale Watching Association) has developed this Code of Conduct for responsible whale watching:

The Code of Conduct is a general minimum standard and IceWhale encourages their members to develop and display their own operational standards; specific to such things as the environment within, and species with which they operate.

Given our mission to protect orcas in Iceland and their habitat through non-invasive research and education we set out to develop a species-specific code of conduct for responsible orca watching based on prior research and field observations. We will use IceWhale’s Code of Conduct as the base of our work and develop it from there on. Once ready, we will present the new Code of Conduct to operators around Iceland and we hope to build cooperation with those operating in known orca areas.

We also want to reach out to fishermen and other boaters in known orca areas to introduce to them the idea of responsible encounters.